Transport of goods

Goods from European countries

Luxembourg, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Malta, Cyprus, Hungary, Slovenia, France (CRD Capsule), (also Israel, Switzerland : if accompagned of a EUR 2).

Deposits of the samples to Syrah du Monde  Château de Chaintré:
Offices opened from 8 a.m till 19 p.m without interruption.

You confide your samples to a forwarding company of your choice:

Syrah du Monde®
Maison des Vignerons du Château de Chaintré

By Fax:

From France: Fax:
From aboard: Fax: 333.

Goods from non-European countries

New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Japan, China, Lebanon, Morocco, Moldavia, Serbia, United Kingdom etc.

You confide your samples to a forwarding company of your choice:
  • Transmit AWB on behalf of ALAINE OVERSEAS
  • Customs clearance and transport costs to Macon - ALAINE OVERSEAS Company are payable by the purchaser.
  • The clearance formalities are made by our forwarding agent: ALAINE OVERSEAS Company.

ALAINE OVERSEAS Company - forwarding agent
Contact: Cedric Dufour
Syrah du Monde®
437 rue de la Grosne
71000 MACON

From France:
Tel. - Fax
From aboard:
Tel. 333. - Fax 333.

Syrah du Monde 2024

Samples delivery

May 3, 2024

Syrah du Monde 2024

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Goods From All countries
Transport par SAQ Logistic

Except From France

By confiding the transport of your samples to SAQ Logistic, you ensure a faster distribution, more reliable and more economical without additional expenses. SAQ Logistic service includes the pickup of your premises and delivery to the final destination. The costs of customs clearance, costs of delivery to the forwarding agent and costs of rights, taxes and insurance could be billed.

Caution !

Specify in all your documents:

  • "Customs valuation: 1 euros per bottle. Samples for tasting purposes only, No commercial value..
  • In no case shall the shipment value exceed 22 euros (22 $ US).
  • If the value of your shipment exceeds 22 euros, you will be charged for extra costs.