Syrah du Monde®, An International Competition

Recognising the world's best Syrah/Shiraz wines by awarding them reliable and thus representative medals each year

This competition is based on a single conviction: distinctive marks of quality are the key to real differentiation and thus to enhancing the value of your wines. Our ambition is to give winemakers reliable means to defend the true aroma and taste specificities of their wines, thanks to the credibility of our medals and tasting notes..

Thanks to its know-how, professionalism, integrity and the excellence of its tasters, Syrah du Monde® has all the ingredients to become a reference in the closed circle of world-renowned wine competitions.

Syrah du Monde® is supported by a flawless organisation based on quality standards that go well beyond the norm: compliance with international standards, strict selection of expert judges, scientific tasting criteria, etc.

A Renowned Medal

A distinctive mark of quality, both reliable and indispensable

Syrah du Monde® recognises the world's best Syrah/Shiraz wines by awarding them reliable and thus representative medals. A medal awarded by Syrah du Monde® is a springboard for your sales and marketing efforts.

Winning a medal at Syrah du Monde® is an award from the wine profession, the sign of world-wide recognition and an important edge for wineries that use this medal in their sales efforts.

The medals thus awarded are a reliable and recognised criterion for selection, a key to real differentiation in a highly competitive market where the array of products becomes vaster each day. Wine buyers, opinion leaders and consumers are looking today for such distinctive marks of quality.

International Promotion

Enhancing the image of high-quality products

An extensive communications programme is implemented to ensure that medal winners and the quality of their wines are brought to the attention of importers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers world-wide: publication of the medal list, advertising in the press and on the Web, media relations and E-mail campaigns for the wine trade and the general public.

Several promotional tools are offered to medal-winning wineries to help them benefit from their awards.

Mentioning a medal in your sales pitch or advertising is an excellent way to enhance the image of your wines. This award reassures customers both in France and abroad, and it helps enhance their loyalty. Please feel free to contact us about these tools.

A certificate is presented to each medal-winning winery. This official promotional tool attests to the authenticity of the medal.

Web site: the medal list is on line at

The day after the competition, the official results are sent out via a massive E-mail campaign to more than 50,000 members of the wine trade in France and abroad.

Syrah, a Top-Flight Varietal

An homage to the fabulous diversity of Syrah/Shiraz wines from all over the world

Syrah du Monde® is the only international wine competition dedicated solely to this varietal. Amongst the world's six most widely planted grape varieties, Syrah's reputation is now firmly established. Used in some of the world's greatest red wines, its strong personality gives these wines a unique character. All over the world, as a function of terroir, climate and winemaking techniques, Syrah yields rich, complex wines with great aroma potential.

Syrah is currently enjoying rapid growth with exceptional results in many regions around the world. One of the missions of Syrah du Monde® is to gather together the widest possible selection of Syrah/Shiraz wines, thus offering our eminently qualified tasters the possibility to examine an extraordinarily complex array of aromas: raspberry, black currant, blueberry, liquorice, cachou, violet, vanilla, black olive, pepper, smoke, tobacco, truffles, leather, undergrowth, game, amber and many others.

Thanks to the aromatic richness of the world's Syrah/Shiraz wines, this competition provides a major edge for communication. For wineries, it's an occasion to promote the quality of their products. For the consumer, it's the guarantee offered by a high-level professional competition when selecting wines.

The Concept
  • To bring together in a high-quality environment — the Château d'Ampuis, in the heart of the northern Rhône Valley — the world's best Syrah/Shiraz wines.
  • The ambition of this international confrontation of Syrah/Shiraz wines is to choose the best wines based on their intrinsic quality.
  • To encourage Syrah/Shiraz producers world-wide to adopt a quality-based approach
  • To highlight the diversity and richness of current production
  • To create a meeting place for Syrah/Shiraz producers in order to promote a quality-based approach to these wines
  • To promote scientific research and understanding of Syrah/Shiraz
  • To promote the organisation of a top-flight qualitative confrontation: a quality-based approach enhancing the knowledge of Syrah/Shiraz tasters
Syrah du Monde®: Some Commitments
  • To develop synergies amongst Syrah/Shiraz producers world-wide
  • To help spread information about Syrah/Shiraz and train Syrah/Shiraz tasters
  • To help improve the interpretation of tasting data (in partnership with Service Action Qualité) by facilitating data scanning and processing
  • To implement a training programme in order to accredit "Expert Judges" for Syrah du Monde®
  • To create a Syrah/Shiraz wine library from participating wines

A Real Plus for Sales

To order your medal stickers.
To take advantage of tools to highlight and support your marketing and sales efforts.

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Medal-Winners on Line

The on-line medal list is an exceptional promotional tool. It enables direct contact nationally and internationally.

For each medal-winning wine, there is a direct link to the winery's Web site. As such, the list offers instant access to your product. The listing of results by country and by medal type is especially useful.

Summary of Tasting Notes

Each wine entered in the competition is given a score as well as tasting comments. A summary of these comments is available to each winery that makes the request upon registration.

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