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Year 2013  | Award Gold  |  Country GREECE  |  Number 1  

Fleva Syrah 2011
Mr SKOURAS  George
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Results 2018

347 wine samples from 24 countries were tasted. The judges tasted in accordance with the International Rules, and they strictly followed Quality Assurance procedures.

After two days of judging, the panels awarded medals to 115. The distribution of medals is as follows:

Medal Distribution
Gold Medals: 30
Silver Medals: 85

Medals and diplomas

Summary of Tasting Notes

Each wine entered in the competition is given a score as well as tasting comments. A summary of these comments is available to each winery that makes the request upon registration.

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Official Endorsement

Syrah du Monde® has received the official approval of and services from the French Ministry of Economy, Finances and Industry (DGCCRF) (dated 8 September 2006), with publication in the EU's official gazette. As such, it has been authorised to award marks of quality..

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