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Syrah du Monde® Awards Medals to World’s Best Syrah/Shiraz Wines

The 7th edition of the Syrah du Monde® international wine competition, organised by Forum Œnologie, has just come to an end. Over the course of three days, international experts tasted 423 Syrah/Shiraz wines from all over the world. Diversity and quality are the watchwords for the 2013 winners, which comes as no surprise for a grape variety currently enjoying rapid growth. Strict quality standards and optimal tasting conditions enabled the international judges to award 141 medals (31 gold, 110 silver) that are recognised as a reliable criterion for selection.

From the 15 and 15 of May 2013, in Ampuis Castle in Ampuis, France, an international wine competition - Syrah du Monde® - recognised the world’s best Syrah/Shiraz wines, awarding reliable and representative medals. This competition is founded on a single conviction that distinctive marks of quality are the key to differentiation and to the promotion of medal-winning wines in a highly competitive and often complex marketplace. Medal-winning wineries can use their medals to develop the recognized quality of their wines.

Syrah du Monde® 2013 brought together 423 wines from 28 countries, making this competition one of the world’s top events for Syrah/Shiraz wines. This marvellous success illustrates the impressive growth that this Rhone varietal has enjoyed since the 1970s.

Syrah du Monde® has carved out a place of its own amongst wine competitions, thanks to its international flavour and its rigorous methods. During the three days of tasting under optimal conditions, the international expert judges awarded 141 medals in accordance with international wine competition regulations and in strict compliance with Quality Assurance requirements.

Syrah du Monde® has progressively distinguished itself from other international competitions thanks to quality standards that are much stricter than the norm and by remaining faithful to its founding principles: diversity, quality and high standards.

At the top of the best Syrah du Monde® 2013

From the award list, we are pleased to announce the Syrah wines with the best notations. The Top 10 ranking has a strong international diversity. Six countries appear among the world’s best Syrah/Shiraz wines 2013. Greece, South Africa and France occupy the first three places with Portugal, Switzerland and Australia. France obtains six Gold Medals. Greece ranking at the top of the Top 10 list.

Medals distribution
Gold Medals 31
Silver Medals 110

Top Ten Best Syrah du Monde® 2013*
Country Product Winery

Fleva Syrah 2011 Domaine Skouras SA

South Africa
Kleine Zalze Family Reserve Shiraz 2009 Kleine Zalze

Pays d'Oc IGP Jean Claude Mas Syrah "Les Garrigues" 2012 Les Domaines Paul Mas

Costières de Nîmes - La Réserve du Marquis - Château Lamargue 2009 Lamargue

Côtes de Provence Château des Launes Cuvée Signature 2011 SAS Château des Launes

Côtes du Rhône Villages GT-S 2011 SARL Leplan - Vermeersch

Cornas - Arènes Sauvages 2010 Cave de Tain l’Hermitage

St Joseph Cuvée "Anaïs" 2010 Domaine du Chêne

Alentejano - Cem Reis Syrah Reserva 2011 Michael Brian Mollet

Valais AOC Syrah La Madeleine 2011 Cave la Madeleine

The Black Chook Sparkling Shiraz Galvanized Wine Group
* Some wines are rigorously equal thus the TOP 10 2013 includes 11 wines.

Highlights 2013

Geographical diversity: With representation from 28 countries and 423 wines, Syrah du Monde® offers a variety of Syrah/Shiraz wines rarely equalled in competitions of this level. This makes it one of the most significant and legitimate qualitative competitions in recognising the world’s best Syrah/Shiraz wines.

A strong increase in the participation of wines from Australia, South africa, Argentina, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Thailand and Turkey.

From France, the good participation of Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence and the northern and southern Rhone Valley is noted with a lower participation of rosés wines.

Two new countries took part in the competition: Jordan and Azerbaijan.

Medal-Winning Countries

Six countries are included in the 2013 Top 10: Greece, South Africa, Australia, France, Switzerland and Portugal. Six French wines are among the Top 10 best Syrah wines.

In europe, Switzerland, Portugal and France distinguished themselves with several medals.

Outside Europe, Chile, Australia, Argentina and South Africa stood out.

Diversity of Sensorial Expression

Each of the wines that distinguished themselves at Syrah du Monde® did so because of their own distinctive quality, not in comparison to other wines. A favourable score was given to wines with good Syrah varietal character, and a well-balanced oak was considered to be a plus. However, oakiness was marked down if it masked varietal aromas and flavours.

Several gold and silver medals were awarded to wines with well-balanced alcohol levels and with aroma intensity and depth including a wide range from exotic to traditional. In the mouth, harmonious tannins and fine expressions of aging were favourably evaluated.

Several marks of quality were awarded to younger wines and to rosé wines whose aromatic complexity and soft tannins won over the judges.

Sparkling wines and late-harvest or ice wines also received favourable mention.

This event was a unique opportunity to bring together and discover Syrah/Shiraz wine in all its forms: red, rosé, still, sparkling, dry or sweet.

Syrah du Monde 2014

The 8th annual Syrah du Monde® confrontation will be held on 14-16 May 2014.

Syrah du Monde 2013

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