Institution Robin - St Vincent de Paul

High-quality training in the Rhône Valley, just a few minutes from Lyon.

The hotel/restaurant school is located in the Château de Bellerive at 1 quai Frédéric Mistral, south of Vienne. It can be reached by intercity mass transit (by train from Valence or Lyon in 20 minutes), city bus (line 8) or individual vehicles (car or bicycle, with free parking near the school).

The Lycée Professionnel et Hôtelier Robin / St Vincent de Paul is part of the Robin / St Vincent de Paul Educational Establishment under the direction of Headmaster Louis LACOME.

The Lycée Professionnel et du Lycée Hôtelier is run by Arnaud LEMARCHAND, Director, and Christian VINCENT, Assistant Director.

The training provided at the hotel/restaurant school is responsive to economic realities. Numerous partnerships have been established with local hotels and restaurants (in Vienne and Lyon), with major food management groups (Sodhexo, Avenance, Scolarest), hotel chains (Accor, Relais Châteaux, Hilton, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Envergure Group), the Vienne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vienne City Hall, hotel/restaurant trade organisations, various suppliers, the SIRHA trade show, etc.

The school’s patron is none other than Patrick HENRIROUX, Chef/Owner of La Pyramide hotel/restaurant in Vienne (2 Michelin stars, 4 Relais Châteaux stars).

The following degree programmes are offered:
After 3rd or 4th Form (UK system) CAP Hotel Services
After 4th Form BEP Hotel/Restaurant Careers
After BEP BACPRO Restaurant (cooking/service option)
After BAC GENERAL (L, S, ES, STG) BTS Hotel/Restaurant after one year of preparation (including 16 weeks of trainee periods).
After BAC PRO, Preparatory Study, BAC Hotel Technology BTS Hotel/Restaurant in two years, including 16 weeks of trainee periods (120 ECTS).
After BTS Hotel/Restaurant
B.A. Hotel Management in one year, in partnership with the Pierre Mendès France University at IUP Grenoble (direct admission to last year of programme, 60 ECTS).

Students may conduct their trainee periods abroad, for example in Great Britain or the United States, and foreign students may come to study in France. A partnership programme is underway with hotel/restaurant schools in Morocco.

The school was renovated and expanded in 2004. A student-staffed restaurant is open to the general public.



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The international Wine and Vine films Festival: OENOVIDEO

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For more information, please refer to Training Sessions on Sensory Analysis Applied to Syrah Wines.

Château de Bellerive
1 quai Frédéric Mistral
38204 VIENNE cedex
Tel.: 334 74 31 18 70
Fax: 334 74 31 18 71


La Pyramide

14 bd Fernand-Point
38200 VIENNE
Tel. : 334 74 53 01 96

Ibis Lyon Vienne Sud

Place Camille Jouffray
38200 VIENNE
Tel.: 334 74 78 41 11

Bonsai Hotel Vienne

Zi Estressin - Chemin Des Mines 38200 VIENNE
Tel.: 334 74 31 74 60

Hôtel du Midi

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